The perfect holiday dress ♥

Oh my! Is there anything as beautiful? I WANT this dress!

Banana Republic $185


Week 4

To mix it up there will NOT be an outfit this week. Instead we will all ogle over the cute clothes at Forever21 that I really, really want. But alas I need to save my money. So no more clothes for me *sad face*. Oh well! I will just drool over them online instead! By the way...kudos to Forever21 for seeing a need for plus size clothing and acting on it. Unlike most stores that sell plus size clothing, they actually make fashionable clothes and sell them for really good prices! I mean just because its plus size doesn't mean it should cost double! So three cheers for Forever21! :)

I have a huge lack of tshirts with prints. And this one is really cute.

I could sooo work this top!

Pinstripe...need I say more?

I dont know where I would wear this but I love it!
It reminds me of August nights watching the stars

$11.99 (on sale...SOOO CHEAP!)
I love this soo much! It is taking all my willpower and then some to keep from buying it.
After all its only $11.99...

Question of the Week:
What is your favorite clothing store?


Week 3

Such a beautiful Autumn day ♥ what do you think of my outfit?

Skirt • Reitmans
Top Suzy Sheir
Shoes Aldo
Belt Aditionelle
Earrings Gift from Italia!


Epiphanie Bags.com

These are soooo cute! They are camera bags! I want the red one or the blue one.


Week 2

My super cute girly outfit :) I love it!

Skirt • Faith21
Top Walmart
Shoes Aldo
Bracelet Claires


Week 1

Hello! Welcome to my fashion blog! I have been completely obsessed with fashion blogs lately and I have decided to start my own! I am starting out with a 365 project sort of idea...only its going to be 52 weeks. Every week I will post a new outfit! I'm really excited! So without further ado! Here is my first outfit!

Top • Suzy Shier
Shrug Additionelle
Belt • Additionelle
Leggings • Walmart
Shoes • Aldo

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